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MAP UK Pole Championship - Qualifier Three Ticket

MAP UK Pole Championship - Qualifier Three Ticket

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Event Description

With a new sponsor and a new selection of venues, welcome to the MAP UK Pole Championship – will you be crowned the 2023 Champion?
First of all, we welcome MAP on board as it takes on the mantle of event sponsor. Plus, we’re going to be visiting some new qualifier and final venues.
As before, this pole fishing only event takes place over three qualifying rounds of 80 pegs. This year we’re going to Puddledock Farm in Essex, Packington Somers near Coventry and Messingham Sands Fishery near Scunthorpe, where 20 successful anglers from each match will be heading to a grand final at the fish-filled MAP Marston Fields Fishery near Sutton Coldfield.
There will once again be plenty of cash and kudos to be won along the way and MAP will be providing great tackle prizes for the final.

Event Date
Qualifier Three: Wednesday, August 9th, Messingham Sands Fishery 

Entry & Ticket Info

Anglers can fish one, two or three matches, and 20 qualifiers from each go through to the final (default – you can only qualify once!).
Tickets cost £40 with an optional £10 super pool on the day.
For successful anglers that make it through to the final, there will be a £40 pool on the day.

Wednesday, September 13th at MAP Marston Fields Fishery

Anglers who buy tickets and are then unable to attend the match will be eligible for a refund up to 28 days before the event. After that no refunds are possible but anglers may sell their tickets on themselves providing they let us know the new angler’s name and contact details, so we can send out match information to them.
If tickets are purchased within 28 days of the qualifier taking place, no refunds will be offered and it’s the angler’s responsibility to sell the ticket on if unable to make the match.

When purchasing tickets it is essential you provide an email address for us to send match information to, plus a phone number if possible. If buying tickets for more than one angler, please supply us with the other anglers’ names so that we can complete match registration quickly and easily on the day.

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