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Feeder Fishing - Volumes 1-6

Feeder Fishing - Volumes 1-6

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Feeder Fishing with Steve Ringer Volumes 1-6

The big feeder box set - issues 1-6 374 minutes of dvd action with steve ringer one of the biggest names in feeder fishing.

Disc one shallow water bream
watch how steve approaches black horse lake at newport pagnell - a shallow venue he’s never seen before.

Disc two practicing for a match
steve visits the popular southfield reservoir for a practice session for an upcoming golden rod qualifier.

Disc three bloodworm and joker
barston lake is the venue for a fascinating insight into bloodworm and joker fishing in a cage feeder... you can’t afford to miss this eye opening tactic.

Disc four winter carp tactics
steve takes to us to his favourite boddington reservoir for an insight into his winter carp tactics that he’s learnt over the years... it’s invaluable advice!

Disc five cold water skimmers
this month steve takes us to the specimen lake at larford to show us his approach to catching skimmers in cold water.

Disc six how I won £7000
steve is once again on the specimen lake at larford to show us the tactics he used to walk away from golden rod final with a whopping £7,000!

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