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Match Fishing - August 2023

Match Fishing - August 2023

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What's in the August edition of the best selling Match Fishing Magazine

Darren Cox has made it on to the front cover of the August 2023 issue and inside you can read his top advice on how to tee up your lines when feeder fishing so you can catch fish straightaway after moving to another area of the swim. Darren was fishing the famous Peg 124 at Barston and caught a great net of smaller fish like F1s and skimmers as well as small carp, and he also caught some bigger carp. He caught steadily throughout the session by carefully timing when to feed lines and then when to move on to them to ensure a healthy catch rate was maintained.

Also in this issue we joined Daiwa-backed Adam Richards at Willitoft Fishery where we followed his every move during a six-hour match. The venue is full of carp and Adam was looking to catch 200lb to win. The pressure was also on because we’ve had four wins in a row in our Against The Clock features, could he make it five? Meanwhile, editor Dave Wesson joined Welsh international and Milo-backed Andy Neal at Cardiff Docks to see how he tackles deep water without any feeders, Rob Perkins is fishing his favourite River Trent, which can be an unpredictable beast early on in the season, and Middy-backed Dave Wood is fishing the jigger at Lindholme Lakes. Plus, there’s plenty more from the likes of Andy Power, Tom Pickering, Matt Godfrey, Rich Wilson, Richard Chave, John Brooks and Kye Jerrom.

Tackle-wise we have Alex Bones taking a look at Shakespeare’s 12ft SuperTeam SC-3 Method Rod and SuperTeam FR reel, and he’s been out testing Daiwa’s Rockin Rollers and the Aero X7 Competition pole from Shimano too. There’s plenty of other tackle and bait in New Gear and finally we’ve got a Guru A-Class feeder rod and reel worth £119.98 to give away to one lucky reader.

Editor’s Picks

Against The Clock

This month we’re back looking for a big weight as Adam Richards tackles Willitoft Fishery in Yorkshire. Can he make it five Against The Clock wins in a row? The pressure’s on!

Deep Thinking
Editor Dave Wesson recently visited Cardiff Docks to catch up with Welsh international Andy Neal, who was busy practising his float fishing skills in deep water.

Matt’s Month
Lake Deseda in Hungary made for an incredible venue for this year’s European Championships for Matt Godfrey and Team England. Here’s the lowdown from an incredible adventure in the hunt for international medals!

Teeing It Up
We join Garbolino-backed feeder ace Darren Cox at Barston Lakes to get an insight into how he primes up his lines in the summer in feeder-only matches.

Simple, Cheap And Effective
Rich Wilson shows you a simple feeder tactic for commercial bream where you can catch huge weights for less than a fiver!

Keep On Baggin’!
We recently joined Dave Wood at Lindholme Lakes to see how he goes about making the jigger work when fishing shallow.

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