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Match Fishing - December 2022

Match Fishing - December 2022

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What's in the December edition of the best selling Match Fishing Magazine

8 Short And Sweet
Catching big numbers of small skimmers short on the feeder is a tactic that has come to the fore in recent years and getting your approach right is vital to success. We join Graham West to find out more about it.

16 Andy Power’s Diary
It’s been another busy time for regular columnist Andy Power who has been back to White Acres for another festival and finished the month off by fishing for £10,000 at Todber Manor.

20 Avoid The Peckers
On many commercials avoiding small fish like roach and skimmers can be the difference between winning money and finishing nowhere. Here Russ Shipton shows how to do it on his local Orchard Place Farm.

68 The Dirty Bomb
Tom Scholey explains a deadly feeding tactic for commercials that will help you catch everything that swims this winter.

74 Cracking The Commercial Code
Glen Picton is keen to discover a Plan B for when traditional go-to hook baits and feeds for skimmers and roach don’t work.

80 Cloud Busting
By taking a specimen carp product, Mark Cree has been able to reinvent his Method feeder fishing with great effect.

86 Veteran’s Angle
Our veteran angler John Brooks prepares to head south west, hoping to finish his big-match year on a high.

90 Angling By Numbers – Part One: Bait Sink Rates
Doctor David Cowburn PhD, a keen match angler, takes a scientific and mathematical look at some aspects of fishing that we take for granted or don’t think enough about.

96 Shimano Aero Leger Cup – Round Three, Meadowlands
The final round of the Shimano Aero Leger Cup was recently held at Meadowlands Fishery near Coventry. With the carp having an off day, who was able to catch enough to make it through to the final at Lindholme?

98 Dynamite BAIT CLINIC
More of your bait-related questions are answered by Dynamite Baits’ panel of expert match anglers.

100 Shimano Aero Leger Cup – The Final, Lindholme Lakes
Our new event reached its conclusion with 45 anglers in the final at Lindholme Lakes, battling it out for a £4,000 winner’s cheque. With some big names in the line-up, read on to see who was the first angler to get their name on the trophy.

106 Matt’s Month
A busy and mixed month for Ginger Ninja Matt Godfrey, including canal clattering and commercial silver slaying!

112 Browning HOTRODS
Kye Jerrom is back in winter league mode but it’s not been plain sailing for him on a personal level. Things are even worse when bad performances affect the team!

Feeder Fishing

28 Tackling The Tide
Tidal rivers can throw up a number of challenges to the uninitiated. Rob Perkins heads to the tidal Trent to show how he tackles the constantly changing conditions.

34 Mastering Merida
Darren Cox recalls his experience of representing England in the recent Masters World Feeder Championships in Spain.

38 Feeder Essentials: Shimano
Match Fishing’s Tony Curd heads to Alders Farm Fishery to put the new Aero XR 4000 reel through its paces. 

40 When The Going Gets Tough
We’re heading into winter and that means fishing is going to get harder. Here are few feeder fishing tricks from Danny Wilson that are sure to help you catch a few more fish when bites are hard to come by.

Pole Fishing

50 Into The Abyss
We recently joined Nick Speed at Damflask Reservoir on a truly unique peg where the depth was 11 metres just six metres out! How on earth do you fish a swim like this on the pole? Nick is the man with all the answers.

56 Tunnel Vision
We recently joined Callum Dicks at Tunnel Barn Farm for a detailed insight into how he approaches F1 fishing in the winter.

Tackle And Competitions

62 New Gear
More of the latest tackle and bait that you can expect to see in your local tackle shop in the coming weeks.

66 Up Close: Maver 
Maver’s new flagship MV-RXX pole has caused a stir since its release with many anglers singing its praises – Match Fishing’s Tony Curd gets out on the bank with it to see what all the fuss is about.

89 Octbox Competition
Last month we showed you the minimalist Octbox Comfort Seat – now we’re giving you the chance to win it, plus a couple of accessories, worth £302!

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