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Match Fishing - March 2023

Match Fishing - March 2023

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What's in the March edition of the best selling Match Fishing Magazine

Nick Speed has made it on to the front cover of the March 2023 issue and inside you can read about his session on the River Don at Sprotbrough where he targeting bream on the feeder. It’s amazing how this river has come back from the dead after being so highly polluted in years gone by, but now it’s a thriving fishery and at the moment bream nets are winning matches on the venue. Nick’s approach is a simple one but that really is the best way to go about catching bream in numbers.

Also in this issue we’ve got Lee Newsome who is targeting perch at Alders Farm Fishery. This generally unwanted species can be a winning species in the winter and this year Lee has got in the money in several matches thanks to getting his head down and catching a net of ‘stripeys’. There’s a knack to it though but by following Lee’s top advice you’ll be filling your nets with perch in no time. Also in this issue we’ve got some great features from Darren Cox who is fishing the Warwickshire Avon on the pole and waggler and Mark Malin is showing how important a maggot feeder is when you’re targeting carp and bites are at a premium. And there’s plenty more from the likes of Andy Power, Kevin Tipton, Andy Neal, Zak Williams, Danny Wilson, Lee Werrett, Trevor Price, John Brooks, David Cowburn, Matt Godfrey and Kye Jerrom.

On the tackle front, Tony Curd is testing the new N’Zon Super Slim feeder rods from Daiwa and we’ve taken a close look at a new range of pole floats from NuFish and we’ve two full sets of them to give away in our latest competition. There’s also plenty of other tackle and bait that we know you’ll be interested in the New Gear section.

Editor’s Picks

The Unwanted WinnersCatching big numbers of small fish can be a fantastic way of grinding out a result, and with a perch explosion on many venues this year, you can’t afford to ignore them. We joined Lee Newsome at Alders Farm for a demonstration in the art of catching them.

The Don’s Bream Revival
Big fish are match winners on many river stretches and the River Don is no exception. It’s not chub or barbel though, it’s bream that are dominating so with time running out before the end of the river season, we asked Nick Speed to investigate.

Slow Down For F1S
They might share their name with a high-octane motor sport, but when it comes to catching F1s in winter you need to slow down and refine your approach if you want to stay ahead on the competition. Here expert Lee Werrett shares some of his winter secrets.

Long vs Short
Chard Reservoir is worth fishing because of the surroundings alone, but there’s also a big head of bream and they’re what you need to catch to win matches. But when it’s freezing cold are you better off going all out with a Method feeder at distance or fishing closer in with a cage feeder? We sent Milo backed Zak Williams and Andy Neal to investigate.

The Safe Zone
When targeting any fish during the winter, it can be beneficial to create a ‘safe zone’ in your swim as NuFish’s Danny Wilson demonstrates at northern silver fish mecca Bradshaw Hall.

It’s No Joke
Bloodworm and joker are normally baits associated with scratching around for bites when pole fishing on a canal. But we recently joined Sensas backed Kevin Tipton to see why he loves using this bait on large, open reservoirs in conjunction with his cage feeder tactics.

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