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Match Fishing - May 2024

Match Fishing - May 2024

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What's in the May edition of the best selling Match Fishing Magazine

Welcome to the April issue of Match Fishing magazine and this month Daiwa-backed Adam Richards features on the front cover. Inside you’ll find some great advice from him on how to approach commercials now that spring is here (although you’d never know it at the moment!) and because the weather has been so bad, it makes his advice even more valuable. We caught up with him on Kestrel Lake at Woodlands Fishery near Thirsk, where he demonstrated what a massive difference your choice of bait can make at this changeable time of year.

Also in this issue we reveal exactly how Preston Innovations Black Horse won the recent Winter League Final fished on the Fenland drains and Decoy Lakes. This team competition has been dominated by the formidable Drennan Barnsley Blacks team and despite a couple of near misses in recent years, Black Horse have just fallen short of winning the title. That was until this year when everything went to plan and they finally got over the line to beat the best teams in the country.

There are plenty more great features containing top advice to help you win more matches, from the likes of Darren Cox, Sean Cameron, Graham West, Richard Chave, May Potter and Matt Powell as well as regular monthly diaries from Andy Power, Matt Godfrey, John Brooks and Kye Jerrom.

There’s plenty of new gear too and we’ve sent Alex Bones out to test the new MAP Black Edition Pro Ultra Light feeder rods, Daiwa’s new 24 TDR QD reels and some new rugged outer clothing from Vass. You can also win a Daiwa N’ZON PBR rod and reel combo worth £196.95, so make sure you get your copy of the April issue now!

Editor’s Picks

Adapting To Change
Spring is a funny time of year for match anglers as the seasonal switch changes how fish behave and react to bait. We recently joined Adam Richards at Woodlands Lakes to find out how he adapts his approach.

The Dark Horses Shine Bright
After some near misses in previous years, Preston Innovations Black Horse knocked the mighty Barnsley Blacks off their perch to become Winter League champions, so editor Dave Wesson joined two of the team members at Decoy Lakes to see how they did it.

Negative Is Positive
There’s always a temptation to start piling in the bait when fish are in a feeding mood but that can quite often be the kiss of death. Maver-backed Matthew Powell is on hand to demonstrate how he tackles this frustrating angling conundrum.

Spring Into Action
Spring can be tricky, but on some venues the best approach is to feed and fish to win as Garbolino ace Darren Cox demonstrates at Meadowlands Fishery.

Ringing The Changes
Keeping bites coming on the feeder can be tough at times but knowing why things are happening and how to change is the key to success, as MAP-backed Graham West explains.

In Conversation With Andy Findlay
Part 1 of Match Fishing’s conversation with pioneer, innovator, enigma and legend Andy ‘The Fin’ Findlay.

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