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Match Fishing - October 2022

Match Fishing - October 2022

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What's in the October edition of the best selling Match Fishing Magazine

Darren Cox features on the front cover of the October issue and inside you can read about how he tackles large, natural stillwaters on the feeder. The beautiful Patshull Park was the venue and with sport on a tricky day seemingly petering out, Darren decided to use a tactic that has saved his bacon on more than one occasion! Did it work? You bet it did and you find out how this trick set him up for grandstand finish on page 34.

Sticking with the large reservoir theme, we also have Gary Miller tackling Bough Beech Reservoir, but this time on the pole for roach. Gary is a brilliant silver fish angler and you can’t fail to learn from his top advice and tactics. There’s also plenty more top content from the likes of Pemb Wrighting, Andy Power, Jordan Hall, Matt Pillay, Alex Reynolds, Andy May, Richard Chave, Tom Scholey, Matt Godfrey and Kye Jerrom. We also have in-depth reports on the Garbolino Club Angler Of The Year and the Preston Innovations UK Pole Champs finals.

As always there’s plenty of top tackle and bait in New Gear, Tony Curd takes a close look at the new Xtenda K335 Dual Length Waggler rod from Middy, and for getting mountains of tackle to your peg there’s the updated Octbox Power Barrow. Finally, in this month’s competition, one lucky winner will get a Colmic Proto Carp NX Carpa Power Pole worth £449.99!

Editor’s Picks

Against The Clock
New big-money event Fish South is in its first year and Pemb Wrighting has been putting in the time to get to grips with Willinghurst Fishery since qualifying earlier this year, where we follow him through a practice open.

Feed Less To Catch More
Natural venue skimmer fishing is more popular now than it has been for quite a few years and thanks to modern baits and feeding techniques, match weights are getting bigger and bigger. One fan of these venues is Jordan Hall and we recently joined him at Calf Heath Reservoir, which he rates as one of the best venues around.

Rewriting The Rules
Tackling big reservoirs can be daunting for many anglers but this shouldn’t be the case according to Gary Miller! We met up with him at Bough Beech Reservoir for a lesson in tackling big waters for roach!

Taming The Beasts Part Deux – Rods
Matt Pillay loves extreme match fishing and this month he shows us the rod and line tactics, and just as importantly the gear, he uses for extracting carp from snaggy pegs.

34 When All Else Fails, Get On The Corn!
This is a great time of year to fish natural venues and they don’t come more picturesque than Patshull Park. The fishing here can be brilliant but what do you do if you’ve fallen off the pace and need a boost at the end of the match? Darren Cox is the man with all the answers.

Venue Detective
Andy May is back and this month he’s checking what’s on offer at Baden Hall Fishery in Staffordfordshire. It’s a nice change from a commercial because he’s catching berweeeeeeeems!

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