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Snide Rumours & Dirty Lies

Snide Rumours & Dirty Lies

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228 pages of angling irreverence.

In a career spanning more than 30 years, David Hall upset everyone. He did the serious stuff in his often hard-hitting editorials but the dirt (generally untrue) was saved for his scurrilous Snide Rumours and Mudslinger columns.

Writing largely while under the influence (always of Famous Grouse, often of 'herbal' cigarettes) David went to town on the great, the good and the nutters of angling. This 196 228-page softback book catalogues the columns from January 1989 to April 2002 of his Coarse Fishing and Match Fishing days and, if we sell enough of them, we'll publish the early, Coarse Fisherman and Coarse Fishing years at a future date.

Each page has been lovingly crafted (scanned) from it's original home and comes complete with the advertisements of the day (so don't try responding to them). It's printed on heavy, glossy paper so you wouldn't want to drop a copy on your foot.

The perfect book for the bog or, to put it another way, 'toilet humour for toilet reading'.

Not for sale to miners. Other than the Barnsley Blacks. And yes, I did mean miners as opposed to minors. It shouldn't be sold to minors at all. It contains some naughty words and pictures of a naked Paul Glenfield!
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