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Think Fishing - Volumes 43-48

Think Fishing - Volumes 43-48

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Think Fishing with Des Ship - Volumes 43-48

Issue 43
Match Fishing
Watch Des fish a 'live' match on the Match Lake at Harescombe Fishery.

Issue 44
Scratching Around
Des is match fishing and this is how he approaches a peg in a not-so-good area.

Issue 45
Keeping it Simple
It doesn't pay to overcomplicate things, as Des shows in this issue.

Issue 46
Winter Carp Tactics
Learn how Des fishes for carp during the winter... it's an eye-opener!

Issue 47
Don't Ignore Shallow Water
Even when the water is cold, there are days when the fish want to be in shallow water.

Issue 48
Catching Carp in Snaggy Swims
Pole fishing for carp tight to snags gets the adrenaline going - here's how Des manages these tricky swims.

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